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Many compounds with A2B2O7 stoichiometry adopt the pyrochlore structure The MO6 octahedra shown above at TiO6 form channels containing A cations and

Stuffed Rare Earth Pyrochlore Solid Solutions arXiv

X ray powder diffraction data indicate that in Tb and Dy titanate pyrochlores extra Pyrochlore materials with general formula A2B2O7 represent an important

Pyrochlore group Minerals

Pyrochlores are a fascinating group of minerals whose structure is a 3 D network of Nb Ti Ta Zr O6 octahedra pink on the diagram at right connected via

PYROCHLORE Calcium Sodium Niobium Oxide Hydroxide Fluoride

Pyrochlore is one of the tantalum niobium oxides that are generally difficult to distinguish Pyrochlore crystallizes in the isometric symmetry class and forms fine

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Pyrochlore Na Ca 2Nb2O6 OH F is a mineral group of the niobium end member of the pyrochlore supergroup The general formula A2B2O7 represent a family

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